holistic nutrition

 What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

Holistic nutritionists focus on the health and education of their clients. They do not diagnose nor treat disease in the “traditional” sense. They teach their clients how to create an internal and external environment that is conducive to good health, enabling the client to make his or her own choices. Each consultant’s practice is based on a mixture of scientific theory and art, whether it is his or her own, that of a fellow practitioner, or that which they learn from a text. Holistic nutrition is not the practice of dietetics and does not take the place of advice from a registered/licensed dietician or nutritionist. 

The major purpose of a holistic nutritionist is to develop a diet and lifestyle that is individualized to your specific needs, rather than trying to fit everyone into a general prescribed diet and lifestyle. Because each one of us is a unique individual possessing his or her own distinct biochemical variations and functional capacities in the world, there is not set, rigid diet or lifestyle that applies to everyone. In order to develop an appropriate diet and lifestyle that gives maximum support to every aspect of our lives, it is important to individualize it so that it is totally functional on all levels. Many factors play a role in how one goes about individualizing a diet, such as one’s biochemical individuality; associated lifestyle patterns; how well one digests proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids; the degree of physical activity; the functional status of the enzyme system; and one’s present level of health, vitality, and detoxification.