special information - high homocysteine levels

Nutritional support for clients with high homocysteine levels

This information is based on the information in the books The New Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford, Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson M. Haas, and the Internet Research Source www.americanheart.org.

As Patrick Holford (2004),  a leading nutrition experts and author of over twenty health books says “there is one factor that can determine better than any other whether you will live long and healthy or die young. It’s called homocysteine” (p. 137). 

Homocysteine is a type of protein produced by the body and found in the blood, which ideally should be present in very low quantities. However, if you are not optimally nourished, homocysteine can accumulate in the blood, increasing the risk for over fifty diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, certain cancers, diabetes, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease (Holford, 2004, p. 137).

To learn how to lower your homocysteine levels, I would be pleased to make an appointment with you to discuss this matter in detail.