special information - antioxidants

Why are antioxidants so important for us?

The biochemical reactions that produce reactive oxygen species are essential for life and can be traced very early on in evolution. They are found in cells ranging from bacteria to human cells. But, …, these essential, naturally occurring substances can also damage and kill cells. So how is it that cells survive despite the constant onslaught of reactive oxygen species? The answer is that evolution had to produce efficient defenses that would prevent reactive oxygen species from killing the cells. These defenses consist of a set of specialized molecules known as antioxidants. As their name suggests, antioxidants function to prevent the damage to cells that would otherwise occur as a result of an attack by reactive oxygen species.

The body gets its essential antioxidants from two main sources: some antioxidants are produced in the body itself, whereas others have to be obtained from the diet.
In many diseases the delicate balance between reactive oxygen species and antioxidants is disturbed. If reactive oxygen species are produced at a rate higher than what the antioxidant defenses can cope with, oxidative stress results, which may lead to tissue damage and disease.

If you want to I can tell you more about the importance of antioxidants and what you can do to maximize your body’s balance. Please contact me about it.

Excerpted from the book “Every Person’s Guide to Antioxidants” by John R. Smythies, M.D.